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January, 2007

Clean out the Junk Drawer of your Life | Mashed Cauliflower

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E-Newsletter, January 2007

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.


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Clean Out the Junk Drawer of Your Life
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  1. Smaller portions. Want to lose weight this year? Divide your foods into smaller portions. University of Pennsylvania researchers found that no matter what size of a food portion offered, people eat “one portion.” Whether it is a 6 inch sub or a 12 inch sub you will eat what is in front of you. Researchers call this “compulsion completion.” Don’t avoid your favorite foods; just downsize the portions and you may lose weight.

  2. Less health risks for cancer, diabetes, heart disease would be a grand idea for this new year. Check out my favorite disease risk website by the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention. www.yourdiseaserisk.com

  3. De-clutter with 10 fewer things in a room. Take your most disorganized room and walk around with a big brown grocery bag and don’t leave the room until ten things are in the bag. Do this as often as you need to. Oh does this work!

  4. De-should your life and get your time back. Shoulds are shame based. Shoulds are duty based. Shoulds are something someone else thinks you “should” do! Maybe it is time to de-should a volunteer activity or book club you no longer enjoy. I just bet someone is “shoulding” on you!

  5. Less “yeses” to others! Just say NO! It is ok to say NO! If something doesn’t work for you or feels too hard or heavy, then just don’t do it! We often get in big trouble when we don’t listen to our gut feelings. Make 2007 the year you listen to your intuition.


What two things can you dump from your life today to make 2007 your best year ever?

What belief can you let go of this year to make 2007 your best year ever?

What fear can you let go of to make 2007 your best year ever?

Click here (then press Send) to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute telephone coaching session — your first step toward a joy-filled, energizing life.


“Thank you Chere! Even though I have piles of paper work on my desk, when I read your email I immediately stoped and did your end of the year coaching exercise. What a day-brightener.”
— Deb


“Over the last week or so I have noticed that many of my current wardrobe items just don't look right anymore, mainly because I have become fitter and slimmer so the clothes are now baggy. I have resisted the temptation to jump on the scale so the clothes have been my barometer of my progess. Yes, yes, yes, I am fitter and slimmer!!! I have decided to spend some time during the weekend to try on all my clothes, and any items that are now too big and in still good condition will be laundered and donated. Then, I will take time to shop for new clothes for the fitter and slimmer me!!! I am dazzling!”
—Diana, coaching client of Chere


“I had a good time in New York. I just arrived at the retreat. I was eating some chocolate as I opened you email and I don't feel guilty. It is the first this week. I did pretty well and will be fine here. There are good choices but the food taste like ____. I am going to do my best. I am trying for 2 carbs per meal. As much fruit as I can find, and protein at every meal I can find. I will not eat tofu nor seitan whatever that is. It is a blessing to be able to participate in this program. I feel so good here.”
—Francie also known as Fazal Mai (Sufi name), coaching client of Chere


"To my dearest friend Chere Banana: As always, your ezine arrived in time to cheer me up and provide lots of great tips to keep me going through the crazy holiday season! I love you so much and am so glad you were born. You are definitely one of my 3 top people!”

"More is not always better.
In fact, sometimes more stuff, people and things to do is just 'too much.'"




Is this the year you are finally going to eat vegetables? Is this the year you are finally going to be healthy? Or, is this the year you want more fun in the kitchen? This recipe “hits” all three. This whipped cauliflower recipe is a great low carb substitute for mashed potatoes with only 5 ingredients and a creamy, smooth texture. Best part is that it takes 15 minutes to make and no one but you knows that it is cauliflower and you save a ton of calories.

1/2 cup of mashed potatoes = 80 calories while 1/2 cup of cauliflower = 14 calories.

1 medium head of cauliflower, cut into florets
2 – 3 tablespoons milk
Salt and pepper

Steam cauliflower in a steamer basket in a kettle with one inch of water. Bring the water to a boil and cover and steam for 10 minutes, or until tender.

Place cauliflower and milk, salt and pepper in blender and whip until the consistency of mashed potatoes. You may need to add more milk. Transfer the cauliflower to a serving dish. Sprinkle with paprika if you wish. You can serve immediately or warm up a little more in a hot oven until bubbly.

This recipe can be made ahead of time and refrigerated. Serve with a little protein, two other vegetables and warm conversation.


January! January! January! Every year I used to make resolutions and frankly by my birthday, February 18th, I couldn’t even remember what they were. Studies say that 90% of resolutions are out the window one month later. So this year I have a new idea for myself! Actually Gary gave me the idea without even realizing it. Gary has been on a big KICK lately to organize this house and get rid of stuff we no longer need. He has organized the basement (again) and can you believe he even wants me to get rid of my red luggage that was my high school graduation present from my parents way back in 1973! Oh those suitcases are full of memories like the time an entire jar of Iced Tea mix emptied out on my clothes on my trip to the Bahamas.

Two weeks ago, I was cooking Sunday dinner and Gary moved his “organizing spirit” to the upstairs and started to clean out his junk drawer in the kitchen. As I watched him clean out his junk drawer I thought how perfect…to clean up my “junk drawers” this year before I put any new grand goal into my life!

Most of us have at least one junk drawer in our life, full of things we don’t need or have not used in a long time. But we don’t take the time to throw away useless stuff like the old batteries, or old receipts in Gary’s drawer.

Our minds often contain a space for junk too — old attitudes, relationships, or our beliefs. In the coaching world this “junk” is termed “tolerations.” Tolerations are things we put up with. They are emotional things, like how we accept other people’s behavior (how they treat us), or unfinished business, or lingering problems. They are also physical things that bug us like dirty blinds, piles of mail, or learning how to use your new digital camera. (That would be me.) Click here if you would like to see the top ten things people put up with as normal or acceptable.

Instead of the usual New Year’s Resolutions this year why not clean out the “junk” in your life with my “Triple A Approach.” Awareness > Analysis > Action.

Awareness Step: Make a list of all of your tolerations — the things that bug you.

Analysis Step: Decide how much energy these people, places and things take from you.

Action Step: DO something about them, DELEGATE someone else to take care of them or DUMP them out of your mind forever and ever.

Don’t let tolerations take energy away from your life anymore. Inactions take more energy than actions. More friends, stuff, volunteer activities, clothes are not necessarily better. Sometimes less is more.

What “junk drawers” are just waiting for you to empty so you have time and energy to eat Sunday dinner and do what you really want to this year?


Join me in a FREE, interactive, fun informative teleclass — MAKE 2007 YOUR BEST YEAR YET. All you need are 2 free hours and a phone. Each session meets for two consecutive weeks, one hour each week. Click here for further details.

“This 2 hour class jump-started my latest venture, Embrace Encouragement, where I serve as a personal coach working with musicians and artists who want to take their gifts to higher levels and new audiences."
Wendy V. www.embraceencouragement.com, and www.wendyv.com

Where is Cherecoach speaking and writing?

January 3, 2007, Zinpro Performance Minerals – Research and Nutritional Services, Eden Prairie, MN Healthy Self: Your LifeStyle Approach to Your Well Being

January 4, 2007, Chanhassen Villager, Article by amazing Unsie Zuege, "Coaching Your Way to a Better New Year"

January 9, 2007, 3M Stemwinder article contributor written by the wonderful Barb Umberger, “Fuel Your Workouts with the ‘Right Stuff’ What foods to Eat for the Best Start to any Exercise Program – for Beginning and Competitive Athletes Alike”

January 11, 2007 Ridgeview Medical Center, Waconia, MN, Arthritis Support Group, Healthy Self: Your LifeStyle Approach to Your Well Being

January 17, 2007, Medtronic, Your Successful New 'Yours' Resolutions Teleclass Part One

January 24, 2007, Medtronic, Your Successful New 'Yours' Resolution Teleclass Part Two

January 24, 2007, Taste Life Ezine subscribers, Make 2007 Your Best Year Yet Teleclass, Part One (there is room left to register)

January 26, 2007, Minnesota Nutrition Council, Make 2007 Your Little Slice of Heaven

January 31, 2007, Medtronic, Top Three Secrets to Lose Weight Teleclass

January 31, 2007, Taste Life Ezine subscribers, Make 2007 Your Best Year Yet Teleclass, Part Two (there is room left to register)

What participants enjoyed about the Zinpro Healthy Self Talk
“Information on the process of making change – reminder of small steps”
“Chere’s personal stories to bring points forward”
“Chere’s enthusiasm and accepting our comments”
“The serving size exercise, and healthy snack food ideas for work”
“Facts about food and practical advice with them”
“Chere is down to earth and I liked the props”
“Chere’s humor and straight to the point”

Action steps taken after the Zinpro Healthy Self Talk by PhD Scientists who travel around the world 75% of their time
-Complete a food diary on a regular basis and complete the “healthy self” work sheets
-Step up my exercise program and watch portion control and snacks
-Try to exercise more and try to control portion size more
-Have more fun and start exercising
-Portion size reduction and share information with my spouse
-Exercise more in my hotel room and order more vegetables
-Reduce my portion size and exercise at least three times per week
-Eat less and jog more
-Continue to exercise and keep doing what I am doing

I am planning workshops and seminars for February. If you want to make 2007 Your Little Slice of Heaven, cajole your boss into having me present a few strategies to make 2007 your best year ever…Click here for a program objectives and description of the 2007 Heaven Program.

If you enjoy these coaching tips on on cleaning out the junk drawer of your life and want to help others, please forward this issue to your co-workers, staff, family and friends. I appreciate your support. Missed an article? Visit the archived editions at http://letters.webvalence.com/sites/TasteLife/

My passion is to empower you to have an easy life, radiating extraordinary health and well being. Can you feel it? Call today for a 30-minute complimentary coaching session. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will make your life easier!!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Life Coach who puts LIFE in your lifestyle!
Owner of Savor Your Life Today Coaching and Seminars