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July, 2006

Delicious, Value-Driven Life | Sirloin Steak Salad with Strawberries and Spinach

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E-Newsletter, July 2006

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.


5 Things You Can Do In July
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Ways to Create a Delicious Value Driven Life Savored to the Last Crumb
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  1. Eat healthy summer snacks. Check out: www.porkandhealth.org/ExpertInput.aspx!

  2. Ready to begin a running program now that summer is finally here? Check out www.Americanrunning.org to access a 12 week training plan.

  3. Cancer proof your barbeque. Click here for Chere’s Top Ten Ways to Cancer Proof Your BBQ.

  4. Have fun and experience summer your very own lemonade stand. Check out www.lemonadegame.com. You determine how much sugar, lemons and ice you use and how much you will charge. I have always told Brett and Danielle to never drive by a lemonade stand…always buy a lemonade and brighten the kid's day.

  5. Ride your bike and feel the rays of sun SHINE on your face and inhale them into your heart and save them for the cold days of winter.


Do your daily decisions and choices (who you are with, what you do and how you spend your time) reflect your core values? If I were a mouse in your pocket could I tell what your core values are?

Click here (then press Send) to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute telephone coaching session — your first step toward a value-driven, joyful life.


“I have been happier in the last 4 weeks than the last 4 years. I feel I am finally appreciated at work. Here, they care about me and family and my values! I believe I will make an impact here. And for now, all of those wins offset the 2.5 hour commute each day. I am happier because I have started a value driven life, including this new job.”

—JL, Living a value driven life! Coaching client of Chere

(Chere’s note: JL is a female in a male-dominated field with a grand job. She has 2 small children, a loving husband, and a big brand new home. Everyone thought she had it ALL and should be happy. She wanted to be happier! Through coaching she discovered her values and made the big step to change her job and moved her family to a new town and is happier than ever before and I am honored to share her life.)


“Thanks for the call today. Here's to "rediscovering Lisa"! I don't know if I've ever told you this directly, but I am always very energized and charged up after our calls. I feel like 'I can do this.' Thanks.”

—Lisa, Bride to Be, Coaching client of Chere

(Chere’s note: Lisa moved back to her hometown for a job that she thought would satisfy her. Surrounded by family (a big value) she has fallen in love and is getting married. She is now going to start her own business based on her personal needs, values, and signature strengths, which were discovered through coaching. I am honored to share her life.)

“A Coach may be the guardian angel you need to rev up your career.”
—Money Magazine

“Think you can’t have a delicious value driven life – savored to the last crumb, till your plate is licked clean? Think again!”


Sirloin Steak Salad with Strawberries and Spinach

This recipe provides phytochemical rich fiber, as well as a marinade for your meat to give you greater protection from carcinogens when you grill.

Over the past week I have experimented with at least 6 different marinades. This was our favorite for sirloin steak! Healthy, lower-in-fat protein choices at our home include sirloin steak, chicken breasts, shrimp, pork loin chops and pork tenderloin. (This doesn’t mean we don’t grill bratwurst. We ARE from Wisconsin!! The turkey bratwursts simmered in one can of beer with one sliced onion and then grilled are good but not as great the real Wisconsin ones!)

Marinade and Salad Dressing

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup olive oil
1 pound thick sirloin steak
Fresh Spinach leaves
Strawberries, washed and pared
Red onion, thinly sliced

Mix marinade/ salad dressing ingredients. Reserve one-half for salad dressing. Add sirloin steak. Marinate overnight. Remove steak and discard marinade. Grill steak over medium hot goals, flipping often to decrease carcinogens. When done, thinly slice steak.

Place spinach on your dinner plate with strawberries and red onion. Arrange sliced sirloin steak on top of spinach.

Serve with remaining soy sauce, vinegar, oil mixture.

Blueberries, fresh peaches and mango or whatever summer fruit that strikes your fancy would also be wonderful.

Eat on an outdoor deck with conversation as warm as the sunshine!


Are you just lovin’ summer? I am! Yesterday Gary and I really tried to “DO” summer all on ONE day. First, Gary biked 53 miles without me and then together we biked to the quaint town of Excelsior where we enjoyed an iced coffee on a deck of a coffee shop surrounded by other bicyclists and colorful flowers. We came home and loaded up the canoe and canoed the Minnehaha Creek from St. Louis Park to a park in Edina. (Gary has a goal to canoe the entire creek.) For dinner I had experimented with three new marinades for shrimp, chicken and vegetables. We both agreed they all needed more “kick.” After dinner we drove to Adele’s our best custard stand and had our favorite Sunday night flavor, chocolate raspberry truffle. Can ya feel my "bestest summer day?"

This year I created the Best Summer of Your Life Club with about 20 some clients and their friends. Each of us has the intention that this will be the best summer of our lives. Our lists range from sitting and doing nothing to doing everything. You should see some of the lists. Topping my list is when Danielle says, “Mom do you want to go on an errand…???” I immediately say “yes” without thinking ahead to the gardening, emails or next task I was going to do. It all can wait — for, you see, Danielle, Brett and Gary TOP my list. In August I don’t want one regret that the summer slipped by and I was not “deliciously living in it” with my family.

Owning your own business means you are never done!!! It is what it is…I will never ever be done. Many mornings I lay in bed and think ahead to my entire day. Typically I have 6 – 7 coaching calls mixed in with teleclasses and prep for some talks. I remind myself I have gotten exactly what I wished for plus more. I get up and after some prayers and gratitudes I start my coaching calls between 6:30 and 8:00 am every day. I have LOTS to do and it seems I find myself setting my kitchen table around 10 or 11 am. I ask myself, “Chere what the heck are you doing setting the table when you have SOOO much to do?” I smile. My heart smiles. I know the answer – my day is aligned with my values. My # 1 value is family – make that family dinner hour.

Every weekend by Saturday night I have my week menu planned so I can grocery shop on Sunday. I teach clients structure = effortlessness. By planning only 3 evening meals – family dinner time is joyful and stress free. It is not about cooking, it is BIGGER than than that…it is about family connecting and family time my number one value. Setting the table at 10 in the morning reminds me of my purpose for my life…being there for my family and enjoying warm conversation over a plate of healthy home cooked food.

Yes, a life of living with your values can put a smile on your heart.

Living a life aligned with your values is absolutely delicious.
Your life feels abundant and you find yourself saying, “Can you believe my life?”

Values are your personal priorities.
Values act like your compass (like setting the kitchen table at 10 in the morning before doing work stuff)

Values are never wrong.
Different values aren’t better or worse. They are what they are. They reflect what is important to you, and how you see the world.

Values are different from beliefs.
Beliefs are a sense of what you think things mean. You can always change your beliefs. If you don’t like someone for some reason it is probably their beliefs you don’t like and not their values.

Values drive us without use even knowing it.
Once you know your values you will know the “why” behind your behaviors and actions.

Life is delicious when you understand your values and that other people have values.

It gives you freedom to not assume or take things personally. Life is easy and we make it hard.

A life of living with your values can put a smile on your heart.
It’s like Danielle coming home after her freshman year at Madison and saying, ‘Mom do you know what I missed most? Family dinner time!!”

Oh yeah!!! Smiling as I type! Wishing you and your family a delicious value driven summer!

Chere's Classes

Just one more margarita this summer…just a few chips…you don’t want to think about your weight or your scale until the fall. You are in luck. The next LEARN telephone weight loss class begins in October. Plan now to reserve Monday evenings from 7:00 – 8:00 pm CST Monday, October 2, 2006 – December 18, 2006. Isn’t your health worth $12.00 per class? Click here for class information.

Where is Cherecoach speaking?

Chere is BEING wife, mom, gardener and traveler to Sedona, Arizona in July!

Audience comments from the Annual Wisconsin WIC Conference June 29, 2006 – TASTE YOUR LIFE TODAY presentation.

“Loved your wonderful enthusiasm!”
“Your energy was contagious – wish it could have been a 4 hour talk”
“Your energy and ideas were worth staying for – we all need reminders to keep us feeling whole.”
“Your ideas are usable for every day life.”

Call Chere to discuss your program needs. September programs are being planned now. Programs are cheerfully tailored just for you!

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My passion is to empower you to have an easy life, radiating extraordinary health and well being. Can you feel it? Call today for a 30-minute complimentary coaching session. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will make your life easier!!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Life Coach who puts LIFE in your lifestyle!
Owner of Savor Your Life Today Coaching and Seminars