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June, 2006

Creating Yes-es in your Life | Cancer-prevention Marinade for Grilling

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E-Newsletter, June 2006

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.


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Ways to Create More Yes-es in Your Life
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  1. Create your top ten list of activities for your BEST SUMMER EVER!
  2. Make snacks work for better health this summer. Click here for Chere’s Top Ten Snack Idea List.
  3. Worried about the price of gas? Check out www.fuelcostcalculator.com and get an estimate of what your next summer trip will cost ($74.96 for me to drive to Milwaukee and visit mom!)
  4. Sleep more and weigh less. Women who reported sleeping five or six hours per night gained more weight than those who got seven hours of nightly sleep. (Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University) Click here for more information on sleep and weight.
  5. Make Wednesday night family dinner/fun night. (Every Wed night we went to a park and had a pizza picnic!)


How can you can you balance your “no list” and your “yes list?” Who can you say “no” to – to allow you to say “yes” to yourself? What project can you say “no” to so you can say “yes” for more self care?

Click here (then press Send) to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute telephone coaching session — your first step toward a YES-filled, joyful life.


“I came into work after my vacation and a 10.5 hour flight. I knew that work would be wild and crazy if I stayed away one more day, so I decided to come in, jet lag and all. That morning, my boss was nailing me with demands and more workload, and I could actually tell him no and give him definite reasons. This time last year, I would have said yes but been less productive. I know the real ME now and my limits. I now know what my life balance is, and work is not at the top! When I always said yes to work, my whole life was out of balance. I did not have time for others or myself. I have said more “no’s” this year and have gotten the best performance review of my life.”
—Magic M coaching client of Chere

“It is not the years in your life. It’s the life in your years.”
—Abraham Lincoln


Have you heard grilling can cause cancer? Grilled meats often contain high levels of carcinogens. You can slash the cancer threat by marinating the meat before grilling, says James S. Felton, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. In his tests, marinating chicken breasts before grilling over an open flame reduced cancer-causing heterocyclic amines by 92-99 percent. He now is working to identify the active agents in this recipe. Always try to marinade your meat before you grill!

Lab-Tested Anti-Cancer Marinade for Your Favorite Grilled Meat

1/2 cup packed brown sugar
6 Tbs. olive oil
4 Tbs. cider vinegar
3 medium cloves garlic, crushed
3 Tbs. grainy mustard (I use spicy brown)
4 Tbs. lemon juice
1 1/2 tsp. salt

Mix all in a large bowl or plastic bag with a zipper. Add the meat of your choice; coat all sides. Refrigerate and marinate 5-10 minutes. (You may soak longer to intensify flavors, but tests show longer marination does not increase anti-cancer activity.) Remove meat from marinade and place on hot grill. Remove meat from grill as soon as it's done: Longer grilling produces more carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). (More on “cancer proofing” your BBQ in the next TASTE LIFE July ezine issue).


A few weeks ago, I had Gary close his eyes and “get ready for a big surprise.” I had a new grand idea for Gary and I — to take a daily tablespoon of cod liver oil. Being married to Gary for almost 25 years, I just knew that if I even mentioned the idea it would be an outright “no!” So I started to talk about our future life together and how we need to be healthy and that I just had a big surprise. He kept on saying no.

“Chere I have said no three times and you tell people that.” He was right. I do tell people that you need to say no three times to finally be heard … just like a broken record. Well, when I finally had him backed up into the refrigerator he opened his mouth to avoid spilling the stuff all over him. Was he upset when he found out it was cod liver oil!

Why cod liver oil? 90% of the population is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids as we are eating more processed foods, meat and less fish. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish two times a week, which provide omega 3 fatty acids. Click here for all you need to know about omega 3 fatty acids.

I was thinking it may help his joints and other body parts for his upcoming triathlon season. (Did I tell you he is good — REALLY good — and usually wins his age group every time!?)

I always tell Gary my goal is to be 75 years old and lay in my bed and hold his hand and LIKE my life which includes my body doing what I want it to do. I don’t want my body to dictate where or when I travel because I need to sit in a doctor’s office at an appointment or can’t take the long walks in an airport to get to the gate.

Have you ever thought that what you are saying yes or no today affects your yes-es and no-s of tomorrow!? When you say yes to something you are automatically saying no to something else. And, sometimes a yes can open the door to a more joyful savory life.

Summer is the perfect time to say “yes” to health and joyful life balance. Why? Your schedule is lightened, your days are more carefree, and the warm sunshine days often beg you to just get outside and move your body more.

Here are some ideas of how to say yes to health.

  • Say no to pleasing others and saying yes to pleasing yourself.
  • Say no to evening phone calls and say yes to more evening family time.
  • Say no to staying up late and saying yes to getting up early to kickstart your day with a “energy” walk or run.
  • Say no to checking emails every time they pop in to saying yes to checking them a few times a day and a bigger yes to more focus and productivity.
  • Say no to eating your favorite junk food at night to say yes to a bowl of freshly cut up summer fruit.
  • Say no to “eating what comes by” and say yes to planning your evening meal ahead of time and enjoying it on your deck or patio.

Maybe it is time you take a closer look at what you are saying yes and no to. Each yes and each no creates your life. Each yes and each no is actually a choice and takes you closer to or farther away from your goal. Each choice creates a moment and decides your next moment. Those little “moments” create your life. I am hoping Gary is saying no for the time being to cod liver oil and will say yes later.

Why are we saving money to retire to do our “what I want to do before I die list” if we don’t have the energy to spend it due to poor health?

Maybe if Gary says yes … ok maybe a may BE …
Wishing you a summer of YES! Smiling as I type!

Where is Cherecoach speaking?

June 5, 2006, Medtronic Weight Loss Challenge, Change Your Weighs – Monday Morning Pep Rally

June 19, 2006, Medtronic Weight Loss Challenge, Change Your Weighs – Monday Morning Pep Rally

June 29, 2006, Wisconsin WIC and Nutrition Annual Conference, Taste Your Life Today!

“When Chere presented the “kNOw Your Way to Balance” presentation to our group, it was an excellent reminder that it is okay to say no. Better yet, she provided a handout of different ways to say it. As someone who has the opportunity to manage a staff and work with a variety of different types of people in a variety of situations I really like her DO it, Dump it or Delegate it attitude. That attitude will help me stay away from some of those everyday energy drains.”
—Ken Warner, President of Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.

Call Chere to discuss your program needs. September programs are being planned now. Programs are cheerfully tailored just for you!

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You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Life Coach who puts LIFE in your lifestyle!
Owner of Savor Your Life Today Coaching and Seminars