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February, 2006

Healthy SELFishness | 15-minute Healthy-Self Sandwich

Taste Life Newsletter

E-Newsletter, February 2006

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.


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Become Your Own Valentine With Healthy Selfishness
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Why not? Savor Your Life Today!

  1. Become your own best valentine by practicing saying “no” once a day. Even your heart will love you for it.

  2. Celebrate Valentines Day this year with a bottle of organic wine, only if you are ready for subtle flavors usually masked by the added sulfites found in most other wines. If you get headaches from red wine, this may be the answer for you to enjoy wine without the headache.

  3. LOVE Chocolate and eat it! Recent findings show that 70% dark chocolate powder may increase your good (HDL) cholesterol levels and reduce your blood pressure. Your heart will thank you for it. (Source: www.webmd.com)

  4. Boost your immune system and “get out.” Pick up the phone and call a friend. Scientists have found that the lonelier you are the weaker your immune system becomes. If you know more about Oprah’s life than the lives of your family and friends…it’s time to turn off the TV.

  5. Eat spuds. Spuds are special in February, "Potatoes Lovers Month," and do not make you fat. A medium potato provides 3 grams of fiber with only 150 calories and more potassium than a banana. Try it for a great satisfying evening snack. Top with fat free or low fat sour cream, applesauce or salsa. Think twice about 1 teaspoon of margarine or butter—that adds 50 calories.


  1. What do you need to let go of to put yourself first?

  2. How can you spend the next seven days of your life doing something very, very SELFish each day?

  3. What can you take out of your life to have 15 minutes of “me” time each day?

  4. What can you do to let go of pleasing others and begin to please yourself first?

Click here (then press Send) to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute telephone coaching session — your first step toward healthy SELFishness in your life.

"Chere…in a 30-minute sample coaching session I found you to be very inspiring and I am very grateful for your energy, wisdom, insight, and tools. "
—Happy, Blessed, and Grateful, Karasmatic Karli, SuperStar


“Chere, I honestly cannot believe my life. I would have never, ever, ever thought that my life would be this grand six months ago. If someone would have told me, I would have not believed them! All of these events that I've been waiting to happen for so long (Brad’s job, new home, marriage plans) are spinning around me so fast! I am even going to Italy with my mom. But I am enjoying every minute and not taking it for granted! I am living my life with intention!”

Love you,

—MW Coaching client of Chere’s


"I am enduring and enjoying “real life” over these last few months and all the hurdles that life relentlessly sends us. I’ve added swimming to my exercise. It will take some practice but I am committed to swimming Tuesday, Thursday and one week-end day so that's at least 3 X per week.

I am getting my heart rate up. Even in smaller patches, I believe the caloric expenditure will be beneficial. I have also started the “8 minutes in the morning” routines– whatever it takes, especially while I wait for this foot to completely heal! I am confident to say that right now I am all about Transition, Intention & Metabolism"



“Thanks so much for these ezines…There's so much info there to inspire me. Wanted to share my version of resolutions for 2006. I am not resolving to do or perfect or accomplish any specific goal. Instead I have chosen three things to ponder, keep an awareness of, strive to improve or incorporate in my life. The three areas are: Exercise, Hospitality and Living a Genuine Life. I've done some journaling about each of those three areas and am excited to see what evolves in 2006.”

—SY, Seeker of joy, peace and spirituality and previous coaching client of Chere’s

“I’m relaxing more and the more I relax the more I get done. I set aside time for me, the kids, school and work.”

—Rita, Chere’s coaching client and full time mom, student and employee



I always look for quick healthy Saturday lunch ideas. This sandwich idea, adopted from Kraft Foods, is baked, not fried, and is a healthy version of the fried Monte Cristo sandwich. If you have 15 minutes, you have time to make this healthy sandwich. If you don’t have 15 minutes, give me a call!

4 slices 100% whole wheat bread (first ingredient should be 100% or the word whole – my favorite breads are from Natural Ovens Bakery at www.naturalovens.com)

2 Kraft Swiss Cheese Singles* (cheese should be 25% calcium which means 250 mg)

4 ounces deli luncheon meat Peppered Roasted Turkey*

1 egg white

1/4 cup skim milk

*For variety you can use American cheese and deli Ham or any cheese lean deli meat combination.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Whisk egg white and skim milk in shallow bowl. Set aside.

Top 2 of the bread slices with the cheese single, deli meat and remaining bread slices. Dip each sandwich into egg mixture, turning to coat both sides. (Let the bread soak a few seconds on each side.) Place sandwiches on baking sheet with sides sprayed with vegetable spray.

Bake 6 minutes. Turn and bake an additional 6 minutes or until sandwiches are golden brown.

Serve with broccoli slaw with your favorite heart healthy dressing and fruit salad.

Yield: 2 sandwiches

Nutrition (using Natural Ovens Multigrain Bread)
Calories: 250
Carbohydrate: 28 gm
Fat: 10 gm
Protein: 32 gm
Sodium: 1310 mg
Fiber: 8 gm
Food Groups: one sandwich is equal to 2 starches and 3 protein if you are using 2 ounces of luncheon meat and 1 slice of cheese


Twice a week I have a “standard” (in coaching that means my “yes” list) that I have someone to my home for a meal or cup of tea. It is my opportunity to try a new recipe, and, more important, having a warm conversation over good food nurtures my soul. Relationships with others (especially at the dining room table) are the true oxygen of my life. I had invited a friend for a Monday morning tea party and later realized it was at the same time as my new cardio-kick boxing class. What to do? I was SELFish and rescheduled the tea party and went to the kick boxing class.

I grew up hearing that it was not ok to be selfish. It was a big, scary word. Now I believe healthy SELFishness is one of the most important ingredients for a rich, satisfying, purposeful life. Let me tell you why!

Healthy SELFishness is taking time for you and nurturing yourself unconditionally. I have found it allows me to be even more generous of my time and support with others I care about. Notice the word SELF in the word SELFishness. It is about SELF care. It is about taking care of yourself even when it feels self-indulgent and uncomfortable. The more you love yourself first the more energy you have to give to your work and family responsibilities.

SELF care means getting your personal needs met. (My coaching clients have identified their needs.) Opposite of self care are self deniers. Self deniers find it impossible to get their needs met because they have denied themselves for so long. They try to please others. They worry about what people think of them. They try to do everything perfect. People pleasing perfectionists are “never done,” and worry more about others and end up living stress-filled lives with no time for themselves.

The “cost” of self-denying is expensive and unhealthy. You assume people you work with and live with will help you get your needs met because you give so much to them. Doesn’t happen! You rationalize they are just too busy. But do they really even know what you need or want? Have you ever told them? Taking care of others before yourself leads to a busy, exhausted and stress-filled life. Medically, this stress leads to higher levels of the hormones cortisol and insulin, which lead to more stored fat and a higher risk for you to have a stroke, heart attack or cancer.

I want for you to have more healthy SELFishness. Where to start? Start small. The following are real life SELF care examples from my coaching clients. Schedule 15 minutes of “me” time every single day. (Washing your face and brushing your teeth doesn’t count!) Schedule nothing on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning. Say “no” to guilt based invites. Use your caller ID on your phone or just don’t answer it. Schedule nap time every Sunday. Take time to write 2 gratitudes every morning before you start your day.

Since I have practiced healthy SELFishness I have more enthusiasm to jump out of bed in the morning. I’ve attracted amazing people and business opportunities because my soul is energized. What are you waiting for to be number one on your to do list? If not today, when?

Where is Cherecoach speaking?

  • February 9, 2006 Make Mama Happy Party at the Q Restaurant, St. Paul, MN
  • February 21, 2006, Willmar Area Chamber of Commerce, Willmar Area Quality Council, Willmar, MN – kNOw Your Way to Balance
  • February 27, 2006, Anoka Hennepin Community Education Department. Anoka Hennepin Program Staff, Anoka, MN – Overcome Your Overwhelm with Work Life Balance

“Chere's presentation is jammed-packed with positive energy! She offers many great manageable tidbits for each participant to make healthy changes TODAY. Chere is very personable and makes everyone feel LOVED!”

—Susie Retterath, Watertown-Mayer Early Childhood Coordinator

Call Chere to discuss your program needs. Programs are cheerfully tailored just for you!

If you enjoy these coaching tips on healthy SELFishness and want to help others, please forward this issue to your co-workers, staff, family and friends. I appreciate your support. My passion is to empower you to have an easy life, radiating extraordinary health and well being. Can you feel it? Call today for a 30-minute complimentary coaching session. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will make your life easier!!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Life Coach who puts LIFE in your lifestyle!
Owner of Savor Your Life Today Coaching and Seminars