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July, 2005

The Rx for Power: Partnerships | Broccoli Nectarine Stir Fry

Taste Life Newsletter

E-Newsletter, July 2005

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. The purpose of this ezine is to empower you to take charge of your health, have more work/life balance to create more time for YOU, and to fully taste the life you love.


  • Smile once a day and remember that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
  • Smell summer. My favs: honeysuckle, freshly mowed lawn, corn on the grill (Gary says a beer!)
  • Enjoy my favorite summer dish: sliced tomato topped with a slice of mozzarella cheese, a basil leaf and balsamic vinegar.
  • Let someone else chase you with a garden hose, laugh and have fun (Lisa Cotter’s idea)
  • Celebrate National Ice Cream month with a trip to your nearest outdoor ice cream and order a flavor you never ordered before.


What project do I need someone to partner with and support me?

Who could I partner with for this project?

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“With persistence I saved General Mills 1.3 million dollars and they awarded me $5,000.00!! Not only did I do good, but I looked good accepting the award in front of 150 people. Did I tell you I lost 55 pounds? I’m putting the “oxygen mask on myself first” these days. I will be going on a Fitness Cruise with the money I received. Thanks for helping me learn it is about healthy choices and not a diet. So glad I took that LEARN class with you!

—Linda Kloeckner, General Mills

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“If you can realize your dream by yourself, it’s too small.”

Thomas Leonard


Broccoli Nectarine Stir Fry

Gary enjoyed this when I prepared it on Father’s Day. Cancer researchers are discovering that the more kinds of plant-based foods you eat in one meal, the more their phytochemicals act together to protect your health. Go for it!

Broccoli florets, cut into bite size pieces
1 nectarine, cut into thin slices
Olive oil
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil

Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a stir fry pan. Add the broccoli and stir fry 3 -5 minutes. Add nectarine, a splash of soy sauce and a splash of sesame oil and cook for one minute more. Serve immediately.

THE RX for Power: Partnership

The phone rings. “Hi, This is Tim. Is Gary home?” Tim Thoma is Gary’s triathlon buddy. I talk to Tim about once a week as is he calling and trying to schedule a training session with Gary. Tim has big plans — the Wisconsin Ironman in September. They started working out in January. Every week they do an open water swim with a goal of 2 miles. They also plan a “long” bike ride each weekend with the farthest to date being 101 miles. And, they also swim or run a few more times each week.

Tim says, "everyone has highs and lows of motivation” and Gary helps him have more of the highs. When Tim is training alone and the alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am, he calls it a “workout,” but, when the alarm clock goes off to train with Gary at 5:00 am, he calls it “camaraderie." Tim says the best part of their partnership is the friendship that has blossomed. He enjoys hearing about Gary’s family and work life and feels it is better than the best sitcom on TV or the 10:00 news. (What does Gary say about me?) Tim agreed maybe we should call his partnership with Gary “healthy entertainment!”

Partnerships can be a powerful addition for many of life’s situations. Coaching is all about partnerships that provide accountability and non-judgmental support. Through our coaching partnership, Rita Anderson went back to school, got a new career and, best, is moving to a small MN town and buying a house with the perfect yard. Lisa Clausen and I discovered through her NeedLess Assessment she “needed” to be independent and creative, and her own boss. She quit working at 3M on May 6, 2005 and became the proud owner of a Budget Blinds franchise in Cambridge, MN (763-444-7543). Steve Tonder, Technical Support Specialist at Medtronic, states that “coaching has created a ‘sizzlin’ Steven,” no longer a “tired Tonder.” Another coaching client, MeLeah Wicker, a Research Engineer at Medtronic Sofamor Danek says, “Nothing has changed but my beliefs — which have changed EVERYTHING. The real me is good enough!”

This week Tim will train about 14 hours with Gary alongside for many of them. Yes, partnerships create energy from the synergy. Tim and Gary know the secret, “two heads run better than one!”

Where is Cherecoach speaking?

She is vacationing in the Canadian Rockies, gardening, making sun tea, and enjoying her family, clients, friends, and summers on her deck!

If you enjoy these tips on partnership and want to help others, please forward this issue to your co-workers, staff, family and friends. I appreciate your support. My passion is to empower you to have an easy life, radiating extraordinary health and well being. Can you feel it? Call today for a 30-minute complimentary coaching session. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will make your life easier!!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Life Coach who puts LIFE in your lifestyle!
Owner of Savor Your Life Today Coaching and Seminars