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November, 2004

Do your Relationships Sizzle? | Cherry Turkey Salad

Chere Bork E-Zine 9/04

E-Newsletter, November 2004

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. I am here to make your life easy with quick food for your body and soul.


Shhhh… I am flying to Milwaukee tomorrow to surprise my mom on her 75th birthday. Probably not a secret anymore ~ just like when I was a kid ~ being the oldest of 5 ~ there were NO secrets!!! And, I just returned from Madison seeing Danielle the first time since August 25th. Bittersweet!! Sweet because I saw her and bitter because the time flew by so quickly. I think about my mom and daughter all the time. And, really our relationships with others are really us thinking about them and deciding if we want to be with them or not!

At the same time, my coaching practice, especially my Overcoming Overwhelm presentations are really taking off. I am spending more and more time in my office creating these hands on seminars.

One of the greatest gifts I have received as a life coach was to learn to be keenly aware of what truly matters the most. Although giving presentations pumps me up and makes me feel important ~ it truly pales in comparison to my deep connecting relationships with family and special friends. I have been thinking about how I can be with special people in my life more and let them know that I care. So, I created November as “relationship month.” What did I need to create this “relationship month?” I needed F RE E time.

F abulous RE lationships (create) E nergy. These Fabulous RElationship Energizers are just what I need during the gratitude month of November. This F RE E time nurtures my spirit and soul and adds sizzle to my life. What about you???


Who are the three people in your life who matter the most to you? Do they know they matter most?

How much energy and care do you put into these three important relationships?

How can you invest more deeply and with more meaning in these important relationships?

What is the ONE action step you need to take today to “sizzle up” one relationship?

“Our relationships are simply our thoughts!”
Chere Bork, Life Coach


Do you taste your life every day using all 5 senses?
- Buy Happy Birthday stamps and use them on your everyday mail.
- Daily, ask one person, “How can I add value to your life today?”
- Listen to what is NOT being said.
- Send a “thank you for being born” note to someone special in your life for NO reason!
- Toast a special person in your life with a healthy cocktail of cranberry juice mixed with spritzer of your choice.


Cherry Turkey Salad

(5 minute quick fix to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey)
1 cup turkey, diced
π cup mayo light or plain yogurt
1 apple, cored and diced
π cup dried cherries, chopped
π - Π teaspoon tarragon

In a small bowl combine the turkey, mayo, apple and tarragon. Stir in the dried cherries.
Cover and refrigerate!


“Thanks for the reminder of how lucky I am to have a house full of noise and toys under every foot. If you ever need a good reminder of how crazy life is with kids in the house we’d love to have you over for dinner sometime!!! I actually copped out on a wedding the other week and stayed home all day Saturday and cooked in the silence. It felt as decadent and therapeutic as eating an entire gallon of ice cream – but without the aching stomach. Enjoy the quiet so I can live vicariously through you!! What does an ice maker sound like anyway?” Blessings –

Kelly Lindell, Certified Senior Advisor & Owner
Comfort Keepers, Fridley, MN
612-360-7995 (Ph)

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Taste your life this month!

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Health and Wellness Life Coach

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