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September, 2004

Go for the Goal | Favorite Summer Salad

Chere Bork E-Zine 9/04

E-Newsletter, September 2004

Welcome to TASTE LIFE!! Life is easy and we make it hard. I am here to make your life easy with quick food for your body and soul.


We did it!! We just got back from a two week trip of a lifetime to Alaska ~~ the 1st week in a rented RV and the 2nd week on a Princess Cruise. Gary and I had a goal of our children seeing all 50 states before they left for college. And, time was running out as Danielle was graduating this year. Through diligent trip planning, reading Atlas’s in bed at night, and getting a schedule ahead of time of school vacation breaks we accomplished our goal. YesSSS!! We thought Alaska would be our most expensive state to visit (and, yes it was...a gallon of milk was $4.71); so we started saving $5.00 bills beginning 3 years ago in September of 2001.

I can remember back to the summer of 2002. We were going to visit New York City and had to rent a car to drive to the state of Connecticut. Gary called and told me the car rental to simply drive to Connecticut was going to cost $100.00. He wanted to know if we should still rent the car. I remember telling him, it was a little too late to be worried about $100.00 when we only had about 7 states left. We rented the car and saw both New York and Connecticut that trip.

If we had not planned, and planned some more we would not have made our goal of all 50 states. To accomplish this goal we had to say NO to eating out, and buying a new car! (We bought used cars instead.) We said YES to never spending a $5.00 bill and tucking the vision of seeing all 50 states in our hearts and carrying it with us every day.

I will say that this trip has put a smile on my face, but a bigger smile in my heart. The most important goal was showing my family just how important it is to be FAMILY. After all, relationships are the oxygen of life!!


Think deeply about these questions and they can dramatically impact your life!

What one goal do you really, really wish to accomplish before January 1st?

What do you need to say YES to ~~~ to accomplish your goal?

What do you need to say NO to ~~~ to accomplish your goal?

“A dream is a just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”
Harvay McKay


Do you taste your life every day using all 5 senses?
-Tell a friend about your goal you want to accomplish before January 1st!
-Eat a crunchy apple with your eyes closed.
-Smell the leaves falling off the trees.
-Say “NO” on purpose and with intention one time this month.
-Watch a high school football game and feel like you are in high school again.


This has been my favorite recipe all summer. It came about because I wanted to make a colorful, sweet nutritious salad for company. I have served this salad to all of my company this summer.

-Your favorite greens like spinach or romaine or a combination of both
-Red grapes or blueberries or both
-Shredded Cheese- you choose mozzarella or cheddar
-Vidalia Onion Salad Dressing or Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing

Combine all ingredients in moderation on your favorite salad plate and enJOY!

In just two weeks we will begin the final quarter of 2004.

-How close are you to the goals you set for yourself in January?
-Are you within a few yards of a touchdown?
-Does it look like it's time to punt?
-Or have you even made it out of the locker room?

Sign up before October 1st for Chere’s Half-Time Special and let's go for your goal before it's too late. At only $300 for three months of coaching this program is the best bargain around.

This Half Time Special includes:
One hour "What's Up?" Dream Planning Session,
Four - 30-minute "Keep the Dream Going” sessions,
and a One Hour "Now What—My Next Step” wrap-up.

If you are still saying "someday" to those dreams or plans, today's the day to call me at 952.937-5697 or email me at chere@cherecoach.com and take action to make "someday" dreams your reality today.

For a free 30-minute phone coaching telephone chat to support your next steps for your most challenging goal, contact me, Chere Bork.

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Call, email or FAX with your comments and suggestions!

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Taste your life this month!

Chere Bork, MS RD LN, Health and Wellness Life Coach

Here to enthuse and amuse!


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