Memories and Funny Stories to Celebrate 2018 RDN Day

RDN Day Logo: Wednesday March 14, 2018

Celebrate Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! As RDNs we are committed to improving the health of our patients, clients and our communities through your fork! And, in doing so, we create memorable moments and often have funny patient stories. Here are a few memories and fun stories as we care for people.

Monica J McCorkle, MS, RDN, CDE, NBC-HWC
Manager of Clinical Wellness Services for Healthstat Inc.

While working at the community clinic that served the tribes of north San Diego County, we did some programs with local schools. The following week a mom came into the clinic to ask me what she had done wrong with the healthy cookie recipe I had given to her child, (since they loved the original recipe)…what I had not told them is that I had altered the recipe to be more substantial and hold together. The joke was on me….someone actually followed the recipe.

On the same line, after presenting the schools we were providing a health screening to one of the reservations. A momma came up to me and told me that her son had been at my hands on presentation and went home and was making the recipe I had provided…every day after school…again…joke on me…

People do actually listen to what we have to bring to them to help them be healthier, happier and thriving individuals.

Another Native American gentleman I worked with came up to me after seeing me for several appointments after he was diagnosed with diabetes and said: “You know what Monica, you were right, I followed what you said, I lost weight and my blood sugars are in control” – Holy Moly what we recommend works! One of the happiest days of my career!

Thanks for sharing Monica! I can feel your heart of gold!

Sarah (Gold) Anzlovar, MS, RDN, LDN
Owner of Sarah Gold Nutrition

I went to check in on a patient who was on temporary tube feeds and we were trying to wean her off. While trying to interview her about how much and what had eaten over the last 2 days, she sat in her chair in a hospital gown with a feeding tube in her nose. In front of her she had a small side table with her magnifying mirror and she couldn’t stop plucking her chin hairs! She didn’t want to talk to me about what she ate, and all she had to say was “Can you open the shades so I have more light to see better?”

It certainly was just a funny sight as a fairly new RD, especially since she had no interest or concern about getting her NG tube out and telling me what she ate! Those chin hairs can be maddening!

Thanks Sarah I can feel your wanting to help and make a difference in her life!

Twitter: sarahgoldrd
Instagram: sarahgoldnutrition

Jill Mongene, Lenoir-Rhyne University
Dietetic Intern 2017-2018

RRCA Level 1 Run coach
Future Sports Dietitian

Yesterday, as a dietetic intern, I had the opportunity to present Nutrition 101 to some 19-22yr old audience. Two funny things happened:

  • Someone asked why her grandmother had to prick her finger to test how much sodium she was eating! 
  • Someone else asked me what scientific knowledge I had as to why every time he cooked food in the microwave his skin itched!

Thanks Jill for sharing! I can feel your awe and surprise at what your audience will throw at you!

I was giving a diabetic diet instruction to a couple in their eighties. They were very, very hard of hearing and I felt like I was screaming! Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the wife was putting the rubber food model grapes in her mouth. It looked like she already had one grape in her mouth and was putting in another grape. I immediately stuck out my hand and told her to spit them out in my hand. I could never be a nurse and the thought of someone’s spit in my hand was appalling. I raced to the breakroom and sanitized my hand. I continued to “scream” the rest of the diet instruction and felt exhausted at the end of it. As they were leaving, the older gentlemen asked, “Did you say I have diabetes?”

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Share your stories! Monica, Sarah, Jill and I can’t wait to hear your RDN stories!

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