Kylene Bogden’s Magic Matcha Cookies

Magic Matcha Cookies

This month I want to highlight Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, CSSD, CLT, IFNC, the Cleveland Cavaliers Performance Dietitian and COO of FWDfuel Sports Nutrition. She helps professional athletes and non-athletes improve energy and reverse chronic health issues one bite at a time.

Today I am sharing Kylene’s Magic Matcha Cookies which is Kylene’s all-time favorite recipe she has ever developed. She loves that they provide a boost of energy without any added sugar.  This cookie is a true fan favorite for her professional athletes and non-athletes alike!

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Magic Matcha Cookies
Magic Matcha Cookies
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Magic Matcha Cookies
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  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix almond flour, collagen peptides, and matcha mix in large bowl.
  3. In separate, small bowl, mix eggs, vanilla, and almond milk.
  4. Blend together in large bowl and add in roughly ½ cup of your favorite additives. Try chocolate chips, shredded coconut flakes, cacao nibs, nuts etc. for a crunch!
  5. Spoon (approximately 1 TBSP) of batter onto greased cookie sheet. Bake for roughly 10 minutes until golden brown. Yield: 9 cookies
Recipe Notes

*Kylene loves Kirkland brand at Costco as it is the most affordable and great texture.

**Why collagen? Our bones, ligaments and skin all contain collagen and as we age, we lose collagen, hence the wrinkles and joint pain. By adding a little bit of collagen back into our diet, we may notice less creaky joints and wrinkles. Kylene loves this collagen. You can toss it in smoothies, overnight oats, shake it up in your green juice etc.

*** Kylene recommends using the Lankato Matcha Latte Mix Blend as it has the perfect blend of Monk Fruit.



Who is Kylene?

Kylene is an NBA dietitian specializing in functional sports nutrition, a whole-body, immune centric, approach to performance nutrition. As a former Division 1 Track and Field Athlete and Certified Leap Therapist, Kylene specializes in food sensitivities, gut health and nutrient deficiencies as they relate to sport performance. By creating personalized fueling strategies, she has helped thousands fuel their way to victory.

Kylene has been quoted as an expert source in publications such as U.S. News and World Report, O Magazine, Time, Prevention, The Huffington Post, and Women’s Health Magazine. Additionally, she has been invited to speak on the local, regional and national level. Check out her functional sports nutrition blog called fwdfuel.

Kylene holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and has completed advanced studies at the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA).

She believes being a dietitian is the most rewarding career path on this planet since it allows us the opportunity to reverse chronic health issues with food. She recently co-founded the blog, as a way to provide global education to those who are active but wish they could take their health to the next level.

What are your top five values? Why is important that you know them?

They are sustainability, adventure, compassion, hard work and knowledge.

Without these values, I do not believe one can have true happiness or success in this life!

What is your empowering belief that gets you back in motion again?

Hard work can take you anywhere and just when you want to give up, that is how you know you are so close to success.

I learned this from studying the greatest entrepreneurs in the country. It is easy to let negative thoughts creep in when you have worked SO hard for SO long and you are not quite where you want to be in life—whether it be with your business, personal life, sport performance. But I truly believe if you just keeping pushing, you will eventually experience the breakthrough you’ve long awaited.

What did you have to let go of or accomplish to get you to where you are today?

I had to learn to try and ignore negative thoughts. (Well, most of them!!) Chere actually taught me this- “Its not you, it’s them.”

Someone was nasty on your conference call today? Who knows what they are going through in their own personal life. You never received a response to an important email? No one hates you; they might be out of town or it could have simply gone to their junk box.

What is your typical day like?

PURE. INSANITY! And, and I love every minute of it. I wake up and it’s time to start making pre-workout fuel for my NBA team. Throw in a few individual consults, prep for post-workout recovery fuel, maybe a staff meeting or two and then it’s off to my private practice to educate those who are chronically ill and looking for a food-based approach to feel better.

Come home, cook for the family/spend time with family. Put my little human to bed and then I work on my blog, and a few consulting projects.

Why did you become a registered dietitian? 

I saw that I felt better and performance better on the track when I ate better and thought hmmm, maybe I could make a career out of this…

What is your theme for the year and why? 

“If I build it, they will come.”

I actually turned the wall of my office into a dry erase board and it is written across the top.

Sometimes its mind boggling to think of how many hours and how much $$$ I have spent on my private practice endeavors. Sometimes it’s the greatest feeling in the world and other times it feels like I’ve devoted so much only to receive very little in return. BUT, at the end of the day, I do truly believe that if I continue to work hard, and educate the masses, that I can change the way we view nutrition in this country, especially in the area of sports performance.

What has been the favorite part of your career?

Having the knowledge and resources to help reverse chronic health conditions for individuals who were told, “I’m so sorry, there’s nothing that can be done. We don’t know why this happened or why you look this way. It must just be your genetics!”

Nope, sorry. I’ve seen too much success in the last few years of my career to ever give up on someone like that.

After almost 10 years in the game, I have learned that if we work to get to the root of someone’s illness/symptoms AND we combine that with a whole food, anti-inflammatory eating regimen, we as RDs can do what’s never been done.

Kylene became a mom this past year and there is nothing she loves more than family, world travel, and cooking food from scratch!
Kylene Family picture
Michael and Bayla and Kylene love traveling the world, exploring the local restaurant scene and taking Bayla to the beach!
Albert Einstein and Bayla
This is what Mondays look like in Kylene’s house!

What is on your bucket list?

French polynesia bucket list
Michael and I outside of our private over water bungalow in Moorea. The trip of a lifetime!

It was on my bucket list to stay in a bungalow right in the water in the French Polynesia. Our Bungalow had a glass bottom floor that allowed us to see all the tropical fish below. It was the most unbelievable experience of my life.

What Kylene is working on right now

Ultimate Weight Gain Guide


Kylene has developed the ultimate guide to weight gain, a safe, natural and effective approach to gaining weight  – the right way! Gone are the days of slamming pizza and ice cream before bed each night. This guide contains a whole food based meal plan, snacks, suggestions for safe and effective supplements and pro tips from Kylene’s experience working with professional athletes!

You can order the guide here.

You can get in touch with Kylene


Kylene married her passions of helping others, sports, and functional nutrition helping pro athletes and non-athletes alike. What passions have you married to create your happy fulfilled life? Kylene and I cannot wait to hear!


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