Homestyle Mac and Cheese Your Family and Kids Will Love

June means school’s out. Bring on the summer! My second year of marriage (ages ago in 1983) I opened up a Dairy Council Office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I have been celebrating June dairy month ever since!  I always celebrate by baking a big batch of cream puffs to share with family and friends.

I adore dairy products and can say with one hundred percent certainty I eat cheese every day along with an assortment of yogurt, and cottage cheese and some sour cream depending on the day. Of course I wash it all down with a glass of milk ! I adore chocolate milk best when I want something sweet or to rev me up after a workout. But what else would you expect from a Cheesehead from Wisconsin!

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Jill Castle, MS, RDN, CDN is America’s Childhood Nutrition Expert, a registered dietitian, childhood nutrition/feeding expert and author who spends most of her work time writing, speaking and consulting for her private practice and for other companies.

Jill Castle, MS RDN, CDN is sharing her recipe for Home Style Macaroni and Cheese that her kids adore and you will love too. Jill writes, “My kids LOVE boxed macaroni and cheese until I came up with this recipe! Yes, I finally found a recipe to convert my kids over to homemade. You can bump up the cheese or lower it; change the milk fat content (non-fat up to whole milk) and bake it off or serve it soft, after combining the cheese and pasta together (which is how my kids like it!). Best of all, this is a double recipe, so one dish for tonight, and one stored in the freezer for later! How efficient is that?!

jill castle kids
Madeline (18), Ben (14), Gracie (19) and Caroline (16)

Her books, Eat Like a Champion and Fearless Feeding arm parents with nutrition knowledge at each stage of childhood and prepare young athletes for athletic competition, respectively. Her online course for parents (The Kids Healthy Weight Project) makes confusing nutrition principles come alive with a practical food system, feeding strategy, and lifestyle infrastructure that helps parents be confident and knowledgeable in feeding and raising healthy kids who have a healthy weight, positive food attitude, and balance with eating.


Jill strives to make food and feeding intentionally healthy without being overbearing. She recognizes the constraints parents face today and help them be a little bit better, and a little bit healthier. She works hard to empower families with knowledge, confidence and a commitment to growing in both areas.

Check out Jill’s books and don’t forget to celebrate dairy month!

We would love to hear about your favorite dairy foods.

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