Gratitude Rituals That Can Change Your Day

Chere Bork's One-Minute Gratitude Journal

Gratitude turns what we have into enough!

Easier said than done! Ok, appreciate the world right?! Right! Finding the good seems to take a lot longer and more energy than finding the bad, especially if you were raised in a negative home like I was. The most successful people in the world cite the daily habit of gratitude as contributing to their success.

Here are three ways I put gratefulness in my life that have created more happy.

  1. Every morning I write in my 1 minute gratitude journal while I am savoring my first cup of coffee. It is almost a gratitude diary, as I write about the happenings of the day before and the current day.
  2. I tell 3 people something nice and what I appreciate about them. My favorite surprise is to tell people their eyes match their shirts! I could write a book on the people I have met doing that simple gesture. (This is why my grocery store trips are almost painful for Gary tagging along.)
  3. I play the abundance game when I am in the car. I note the quantity (that dietitian mind) or the quality of things around me, like I see 6 beautiful oak trees with thousands of leaves. I see 8 silver cars. (Ever notice that most cars are black, silver and white?)

I guarantee that these 3 habits will help you attract more abundance and joy into your life and, suddenly, you will have enough!

And isn’t that what we are all after?

I would love to hear how you “do gratitudes” and if you use a special journal or have a special ritual!

I am grateful for you reading this! You make my heart happy!

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