5 Secrets to Holiday Decisions That Bring You Peace and Joy

Ever look back on New Year’s day and wonder what just happened? You promised yourself that this year would be different as last year’s holidays whizzed by and you didn’t enjoy them the way you had planned. Well, this year you can decide. It is all about decisions. Here are five decisions to help you savor your holiday and make it your best one ever!

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  • Goal Decisions

Begin with the end in mind. Think of New Year’s Day. How do you want to feel that day? Content, proud, peaceful, calm, organized? Pick an adjective.

Ask yourself: What needs to happen between now and New Year’s Day to capture that feeling?


  • Yes and No Decisions

De-should your holiday. Shoulds are obligations, and are based on shame and guilt. They are externally prompted (by our spouse, parents, peers, boss) or consequence avoided. Say no to shoulds. Who is “shoulding” on you?

If I don’t buy her a gift she will feel hurt.”

My spouse says I have to go my mother in-law’s for dinner.”

Ask yourself: How much of your life are you living versus how much of someone else’s life are you living?

How can I turn a holiday should into a holiday want? How can I dump this should? How can I delegate this should to someone else?

Wants are things that are important to you and fulfilling to you based on craving or desire. They support your values. They provide gratification. Say yes to wants.

“I will enjoy cooking the neighbors a meal.”

“I want to go to that holiday party at Brenda’s.”

Ask yourself: What are my absolute holiday wants this season?


  • Self-Care Decisions

How do you build in me time?

Ask yourself:

  • I feel______with the approaching holidays. I want to feel______.
  • People I want to spend my holiday with: _____
  • One positive optimistic person I want to spend my holiday with is______.  
  • The most important thing this holiday season is______.
  • On January 6th I want to say this was my most intentional joyful holiday season ever because______.


  • Plan Ahead Decisions

We manage what we measure. Set up your holiday confidence calendar.

Ask yourself: When will I exercise during the holiday season?

Take a calendar and identify exercise, parties and down time.

Ask yourself: When will I go to bed and when will I get up?

Ask yourself: What will my healthy breakfast be?


  • Control Decisions

Focus on what you can control. Stephen Covey author of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People talks about “concern” and “influence”

Ask yourself: What do I have a concern over? Let go of concerns.

Ask yourself: What do I have influence over? Take control of influences.

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What decisions have you made to create a joyful holiday this year? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy Holidays!


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