5 Ingredients to be Happy

We all want to be happy.  The good news is you don’t need to buy it. Your daily actions can create it.

Here are five tips to help you love your life!

  1. Know your purpose

Create everyday with meaning whether it is learning a new health habit like lifting weights, a new hobby, or an action aligned with your values like teaching your kids how to cook. Studies show that happiness lies at the intersection of pleasure and meaning. Engage in significant activities that you really enjoy.


  1. Appreciate what you have

Gratitude sparks happiness! Make a list once a day of three things you are grateful for. Say thank you to people.  Look around you and notice how lucky and blessed you are.


  1. Use your strengths and get in the flow

Maximize your positive qualities like being creative or intuitive – those things that are innately great about you. Use your strengths for a hobby, activity or sport that absorbs you. That feeling where the clock stands still and you are so into what you are doing has been defined as “flow.”


  1. Focus on doing not owning

Money buys stuff but it does not buy happiness. Invest in experiences not stuff. Volunteering, or helping a neighbor will give you a “helper high.” More happiness is created spending time with others than spending money on yourself.


  1. Develop caring relationships

Happiest people have strong supportive relationships, good friends and strong families. It is not enough to collect friends but rather develop caring, compassionate relationships.  To make a friend you have to first be a friend. Don’t forget to treasure your family.