5 Belief Questions That Are Life Changing And Can Improve Your Business and Your Personal Life

You have great goals but always seem to get stuck by your beliefs.

You want a purpose filled life but you seem to encounter road blocks at every turn.

You can begin by asking yourself these five probing questions about your beliefs. Beliefs can be helpful or hurtful and can be holding you back.

Time to grab a pen and paper, and write down the answers to the following questions:

  • Is my belief justified?
  • Does my belief serve a useful purpose?
  • Is this belief moving my life forward or backward?
  • Is this my belief or someone else’s belief?
  • What can I do to let go of this belief?

You have thousands of thoughts and beliefs a day.  You get to choose what you want to focus on. Your beliefs determine your hour, day and life. It impacts your relationships and health more than you will ever realize.  What do you believe today with your magical life? I believe you are creative, resourceful and whole and can do anything you put your mind to.  What do you believe today?

I can’t wait to hear!