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  • 2017_2_6

National Eat a Cranberry Day

How lucky are we…National Eat a Cranberry Day is observed every year on November 23rd. Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin jellied cranberry sauce from the can, was an indispensable part of my favorite Sunday dinner. Stuffed chicken with all the fixings. I loved it so much I served to my own family once or twice […]


Are You Only 85% Happy?

“I am grateful but…I’d like to be compensated more. I have the same education as a pharmacist and his salary is double mine. I’ve been here ten years and my salary is bothering me more and more.” Sound familiar? Another client that is 85% happy! Isn’t life too short to be at 85%? Maybe it […]


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

Who knew I would adore Sorghum? I am seriously deprived. Why? A year ago, I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. I am constantly feeling deprived. Wisconsin Fish Frys are a thing of my past as I cannot eat the glorious breaded perch fillets, oil dripping golden deep fried cheese curds and onion rings. And […]


Registered Dietitian Approved Websites for Recipes

Wonder which websites have healthy recipes? Wonder no more! These Registered Dietitians got you covered!   I have known the amazing Blair Brown since she was born and have watched her with diligence and determination get accepted into medical school in Saba. She is coordinating a thirty day wellness challenge event with a focus on […]


3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Life Gets Hard

You skipped breakfast, your boss moved your deadline to 5 pm today and you forgot to bring your gym clothes to work out after work (again!). What do you do when life feels like too much? Start by taking a deep breath and asking yourself these three questions. Put your hand over your heart Ask […]