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Holley Grainger’s PB and Strawberry Sushi

Gotta love July… with the sizzling hot summer weather and the start of the back to school excitement.

And, when you think “school,” you think “Oh no I have got to make school lunches again.”

No worries we have you covered. I asked Holley Grainger MS, RD “aka the lunchbox queen” for one of her lunch box favs. Begin this school year with this fresh, fun lunch idea. All you need is 5 minutes and 3 ingredients. Your kids and you will adore this tasty lunch! Thank you Holley!

Holley Grainger’s PB and Strawberry Sushi
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  1. 1 whole wheat tortilla
  2. 2 tbsp. natural peanut butter (can use sunflower seed butter or almond butter)
  3. 1 cup diced strawberries
  1. Place tortilla on a cutting board and spread with peanut butter. Making sure the peanut butter reaches the edges.
  2. Dice the strawberries and place on the edge of the tortilla in a line.
  3. Roll strawberries in the tortilla.
  4. Ensure the edge is “sealed” with peanut butter.
  5. Cut roll into 1 inch squares and arrange on a plate/ lunch box with cut side facing up.
  6. Enjoy! See the smiles on your kid’s faces!
  1. Serving Size: 1
  2. Calories 379
  3. Fat 18 grams
  4. Carbohydrate 42 grams
  5. Protein 12 grams
  6. Sodium 247 mg
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Here 125 healthy lunchbox ideas from Holley the “lunchbox queen.”

Holley promises that these lunchbox ideas will help you cut back on the mommy/ daddy guilt. They will empower you to try new foods with your child. And they will help your children enjoy many new foods that are tasty and will not break the bank for you.


Holley Grainger, MS, RD is a nationally recognized nutrition and lifestyle expert as well as a wife, mom and business owner. She does her best to keep it real and have fun with her family, readers, and clients all while balancing a sink of dirty dishes, an adventurous teenager, a kindergartener that lives for endless games of hide-and-seek, and a glass of red wine. Holley’s blog, Holley Grainger Nutrition, shares simple, healthy, flavor-packed meals as well as practical and doable nutrition advice. Holley believes in the power of visual communication and storytelling so showing her readers how to do something (versus telling them) makes her a standout online video star (with over 900 videos to her name including ones for brands such as Cooking Light, MyRecipes.com and Southern Living). 

The former nutrition editor for CookingLight.com and MyRecipes.com, she has instructed millions of accomplished and aspiring home cooks on how to make simple, healthy, family-friendly meals through online video, media appearances, speaking engagements, national and local news, and social media. Holley lives in Alabama, with her husband and two young daughters, Ellie and Frances. Make sure to find and follow Holley cooking up new recipes for with her adorable girls on FacebookInstagram and YouTube

Give this recipe a try! Holley and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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